About our restaurant

The special cuisine of Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen is awaiting for you in the heart of Budapest, the restaurant is an easy reach from Ferenciek-square right by Vaci street. The restaurant isn’t only famous from it’s traditional Hungarian dishes but also from the way each dish is done; at Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen guests can select the pieces they’d like to have grilled at sight.

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Traditional Hunagian dishes

It has been our passion to popularize and shape the savours of the Hungarian cuisine.

Family recipes

Each and every one of our recipes will bring you the taste of a Hungarian home.

Folklore and traditions

Traditions are important for us-so we celebrate them with the greatest deals.

Healthy dishes

All the ingredients we use are high quality and are carefully selected from Hungarian producers.

Traditional Hunagian dishes

The Hungarian cuisine does not end with paprika. The country’s cuisine has been around for over a thousand years. Its diverse and creative dishes along with the unique and characteristic flavors have all developed throughout the history. The endowments, traditional farming and plant production are the key in being able to show the really special world of this cousine.

We get all of our ingredients from primary producers to ensure the best quality.  Meat, fresh vegetables, diary and pastry are the main components of our dishes and we grant the highest quality by closely choosing our producers.

Thanks to our dedication and constant hard work for many years now Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen has been a popular choice-not only for tourist but also for locals.

Family recipes

Special dishes need special care. It all starts with selecting the right ingredients and finishes with a happy and satisfied customer. We do believe that a recipe is more than just the right quantities-the secret lies in the way of the making.

We believe that coming here will not only satisfy your hunger, but that this is also a place for getting familiar with the traditions, folklore, folk songs, wines and spirits of this wonderful country.

Our team aims to keep the traditional recipes, knowing that the cuisine is just as important part of the culture as our greatest poetries, novels, all the fine arts and inventions.

Folklore and traditions

Here at Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen we have live music and dancers entertaining our guests, so you can have some insight not only on today’s popular tunes, but also folk songs, that have been part of our culture for hundreds of years now.

The live music and folk dance shows open up a whole new world to our guests-to tourist and to locals as well.

Along with keeping all the traditions of the Hungarian cuisine, we also keep up with the latest inventions and techniques to satisfy our customers and bring the best out of our ingredients. The CombiMaster® Plus can be used for grilling, baking, steaming, making it a great tool to be used instead of many other kitchen equipments and also ensuring excellent food quality.

Healthy dishes

The Hungarian cuisine often being stated as heavy, spicy and unhealthy, but it’s been over 50 years that it mainly uses oil for cooking having it become an important ingredient of the Hungarian kitchen.

Using lots of spices-not that much compared to other nations-also does not need to fall on the negative side, as it’s all about finding the right ammount.

When it comes to cooking, the right ingredients are the most important. Food treated with  chemicals, artificially ripened vegetables and fruits don’t only lose their flavor, but they can also cause harm to our health. That is why it’s so important to receive carefully selected ingredients, from controlled sources.

Table reservation

Book a table at the Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen. We are waiting for your colleagues, family or friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner alike!